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The VTF conventions...

The VTF-convention
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...in the Hotel Kolpinghaus Fulda

Welcome to the VTF

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Transcommunication is a collective name for all kinds of making contact with other realms of consciousness. Among conventional mediumistic practices, this includes primarily EVP recordings, which are the main field of activity of the VTF.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are intelligent utterances upon sound recording media which are physically unexplainable. The voices received by various means are often reasonable messages replying to corresponding questions. All the side effects - the contents of the statements, the characteristics of the speakers etc. - suggest that they are manifestations by deceased persons. Here now is the unique chance that a scientifically based evidence can be given for the survival of the soul after the bodily death.

The transcommunication research is not an end in itself. It rather seeks to open up new vistas to ideological, philosophical and psychological research by giving evidence for the survival of the bodily death.

The voices were coincidently discovered by the Swedish opera singer and painter Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987) during the spring of 1959. While he was recording birdsongs, he realized that voices were addressing him by his name. At first he thought, that his tape recorder was defective, but soon he realized that an invisible intelligence was trying to establish contact with him. It didn't take long for the originator to identify themselves as the deceased.

In the following years Jürgenson collected thousands of these mysterious voices on his tapes. He turned to specialists and scientists for their judgment and assessment. They came and examined the voices. Specialists from the Swedish Broadcasting Company brought their own sealed tapes and recorders. The result of their investigation was: "No trace of fraud and no double bottom." The press, radio and television broadcast stations followed with reports about the voices.

Anyone can record EVP! There is no highly specialized technical method needed to conduct such experiments. Common devices and some patience are all that are needed to reproduce this amazing phenomenon. What is nice about this work is that practically anyone can do it, even a layman. Especially since the officially designated institutions, such as the university institutes for parapsychology, have shown interest but have not conducted any research so far. One does not need any special talents such as for instance mediumship, though patience, endurance and a normal ability to hear are necessary, along with a secure view of the world. Persons of superstitious or fearful nature should refrain from it. The Catholic Church has no objections to the sincere research of EVP.

The aim of the German Association For Transcommunication Research (VTF) (founded in 1975) is to support the research of the voice phenomenon by enabling everyone being interested in this phenomenon to carry out experiments for the reception of such voices, by supplying them with information and advice. VTF endeavours to reach all persons or institutions etc. who may give assistance in one way or the other to do the necessary research work in this range. Furthermore, the other duty of the VTF association is public relations work.