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The VTF Members Mailing List

An E-Mail Discussion Groups on EVP

With mailinglists it is very quick and easy for like-minded people to exchange information amongst each other or to discuss about certain topics. In principle, a mailing list works similar to a distribution list for letters: Everyone on this list automatically receives a copy of all e-mails which are sent to the address of the distribution list by a list member.

The puspose of the mailing list for VTF members is to intensify the contacts and the exchange of information amongst the members. Topical information and dates of events may be distributed via this list as soon as they are known. The latest issue of the VTF-Post can be downloaded in the Files section. Members can upload and comment their own EVP examples as audio files, and listen to the EVP files of other members. The main language is German, but feel free to write in English as well. To subscribe to the members mailing list, please send us an e-mail and give your full name, address, your VTF membership number, and your e-mail address. After the the subscription is succeeded, you will receive a welcome mail whith further useful information.